Sunday, March 29, 2020

Saint Gallus Convention Tapes- Files Vol 1 (Wonder Lamp Records DigOil-08)

SGCT is a new group from Dortmund that mostly take classic blues rock tracks and transform them into something totally different. Basically, they don’t use much of original music themes on several of the songs and just steal the lyrics.  The CD opens with Wang Dangle Doodle and you would never recognize the original. Cool music though with fuzzed out bass (for the mid section), nice dual male and female vocals (Joe and Tonia). 

Drought, an original song, changes the vibe totally with its slow stoned blues to start and then heavy build up. It is the 1st single from the LP. Watch the video below.

Smokestack Lightnin’ has been covered by so many bands but I doubt you ever heard a version like this!  They use the main guitar riff line and then interject their own totally different laid back DEAD like vibe with Tonia taking the main vocal. 

White Tears starts with a recording of a blues legend talking (?) as the guitar plays a melodic line.  I think this one is sung only by Joe and has this spacey vibe to it with different layers of guitars. Later Tonia comes in with a backing vocal. Nice track. Don’t Dog your Woman (T-Bone Burrnet) is fairly traditional t start but they stretch this one out and have some fun. Done Somebody Wrong, is really different if you compare to the Allman Brothers. Some nice slide work on this one. Bring it on Home features dual vocals, harmonica and quite slow groove if you compare to Led Zeppelin and a long psyched out guitar solo!  If you like blues rock and want to hear a slightly different take, give this a listen!

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