Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pothead- Live at Tempodrom 1997 (Janitor Records JRS-1018)

While I had expected a new studio album in 2019, I am quite happy also with another live album and one from the Desiccated Soup period is awesome as the trio of records Rumley Oil Pull, Learn to Hypnotize and Desiccated Soup being my favourite 3. Every track is just brilliant. A huge surprise was that you get to hear two songs that never appeared on any of their records. Hard to Do has a pretty hard riff but also that melodic edge and groove. World is Gone is a more mellow track to follow the very intense Funkenbus but the guitar riff gets heavy for a few bars at the end of the track. We also get a couple of tracks from Pot of Gold, which was the latest release at this time (Appreciate, one they still play today!) and Catch 22, which was also releases as a 7” single.  The show ends with one track (Planet of the Apes) from the first release from 1991 called USA. The CD packs 19 tracks in 60 minutes!  Great sound and energy.  Band is tight and I would say Brad sings excellent but sings even better in 2020!!

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