Monday, March 16, 2020

Antibalas- Fu Chronicles (Daptone DAP-060)

I am always excited to get a new Antibalas. I love this band. The new album features 6 songs (one is split into 2 parts) and they stay pretty true to their sounds and classic afrobeat rhythms on most of the tracks but sometimes like on Koto, they create something totally new and unexpected!!  YOu can check out the official video for Fight am Finish below. 

The band is not as active as they used to be as at least one main member is in San Francisco the last many years. Anyway, they still have a killer sound and groove and I have been totally digging this record. This time you get all the lyrics as well in a small booklet with the CD. 16 members plus background singers!! Huge band.  Check out the samples below. Fela is still king!

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