Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Pink Pussycats from Hell- Hell Nina (Ragingplanet AS/RP310)

PPFH are a funny duo. All their songs start with the word HELL. This is their 2nd CD, the first came out in 2017.  The digipack is really cool with a nice large fold out picture of Hell Nina and info and all the lyrics from this crazy band. The singer has a quite raspy voice, which fits perfect. Hell starts things off with an uptempo R&R number including (whooo backing vocals and the gritty vocals of Might Hunter and groovy drums of Danger Rabbit! Helleluia is a bit more pushy but also uptempo with a lot of attitude! 
Hellpless has a hard riff and a funny lyric.  They lyrics and sometimes be quite cleaver and funny and other times just a bit silly! Hellvis has some harmonica (by Blind Willy Thompkins) and is a bit bluesy and features a short guitar solo section. Hellvas returns to a more heavy guitar and really passionate vocals. Nasty at times. Helleanor has a nice footstomping groove and funny lyrics. Very hard rocking this one.  Helloquent is another really grooving one. Hellena slows things down with a lounge feeling and the most melodic track on the record. Helleven ends this rock and roll adventure with another heavy one and also the longest track on the album!! The riff at times is a bit like CCR!

While this band does not create anything new in music, it is high energy fun rock and roll. Check ‘em our if you dig a bit of garage rock and roll, Pink Pussycat style! Must be a fun live show!

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