Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Oulu Space Collective- Drug Rings of Saturn (Adansonia Records AR034)

This is a group I really like and have been following and listening to since the beginning. I got their memory stick release, which took about 2 weeks to listen to all the music on. This is their first vinyl release. This was recorded during a 3 day session in late summer 2018.  For those who don’t know the group it is made up of the members from Deep Space Destructors and their musical friends that leave near by.  I have to say that this would have been one of my top releases for 2019 had I heard this in 2019. It came out in December. This is simply a mindblowing triple LP with long tracks and a nice use of synths and saxophone on a number of tracks. A great mood and spacey and intense space rock at times.  There are also some long slow spaced out tracks. If you are a fan of space rock then you must own this release.  Incredible!! Wow......

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