Monday, March 16, 2020

Astro Hatch- Astro Hatch (Karma Music AST2020)

Astro Hatch is a new instrumental trio featuring legendary Danish guitarist, Claus Bøhling (Hurdy Gurdy, Secret Oyster, Elektrum, ØSC) fame.  This CD is a live recording taken from the bands debut gig on March 14th. 2019, almost exactly a year ago from this release (official release date 3/3/20).  The CD features 8 tracks that will very much remind the listener of Claus’s old band, Elektrum as this music is in exactly the same format. All instrumental, tracks based on some riffs but mostly long guitar sections. 

Claus mixes things up on a couple of tracks with a guitar synthesizer (Glasnost) and even plays some harmonica for us on the last track, Blue Shift.  I have not heard of the guys he is playing with but they are really perfect match for what Claus needs to do on the guitar. This is a guy in his 70s now who still can totally fucking play.  He has a really solid band with Nigel Tilbury on drums and Ivan Tønder on bass.  The CD has a really nice clear, clean production which as done by the band and engineered by Ivan.   

Elektrum is for sure the closest comparison you can make but I don’t think that Ivan quite has that bass drive or groove the way that Ian Macdonald had.  Anyway great stuff and you can hear a couple of tracks on you tube. Theband has no official web site, Facebookpage or bandcamp that I could find.

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