Sunday, March 29, 2020

Datura4- West Coast Highway Cosmic (Alive Naturalsound 0208)

My favourite (current) Australian band is back with their 4th album and what a great one it is. The last one, Blessed is the Boogie was great and they tried a few new things, as they do here. The opening title track is a real barnburner with some intense organ and a bit of psych thrown in.  I just love this track with its Jon Lord like Hammond.  Wolfman Woogie is next with a slow groover with some nice harmonica by Howie. The mid section features a nice short jam with the Hammond returning to the theme and then they jam it out to the end. Great track.  Mother Medusa is another mid paced uptempo rock and roll number with that characteristic Datura4 sound but a harder push at times. A harmony guitar part might remind you of Wishbone Ash!  A Darker shade of Brown slows things down but keeps it heavy.  You’re the only One has a mystic mood to it and changes the mood totally. I really like the guitar parts on this one and also features  Rule my World is a footstompin’ blues rocker, plain and simple!! Give sounds like a track you have heard a lot of bands write before it. The Hammond is back and playing the lead in the sound on this one.  A lot of classic rock influences in this one.  You be the Fool slows it down again with its slow bluesy vibe. 

Get out (of my life) is a short fast rock and roll number with piano and a great energy. Evil People Pt1 ends this record with a melancholy mood before they decide to rock one last time. The band really kicked my ass this time. I can’t stop playing this one.  They have a distinct sound of their own now and although they have their formula they use on a lot of songs, it is their own now. I love this band. Top record for 2020 for sure.. Check out this interview with the main man, Don.. 

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