Sunday, March 29, 2020

Kanaan- Double Sun (El Paraiso Records EPR058)

The Norwegian instrumental band, Kanaan are back with their 3rd album, their 2nd this year, after the release of the Odense Sessions, which featured Jonas Munk from Causa Sui.  I never heard their debut from 2018 but did read good things about it. I met and jammed with the guys in Oslo last year and they are super nice people and great players, so I was excited to hear this. This album features 7 tracks.  Worlds Together starts things off in a laid back fashion with some melodic threads between the keys and guitars. This is a sort of intro track before the more heavy Mountain. This track focus a lot on melodic chords and not so much on solos while the drums and bass provide a constant push. Near the end it comes down to a mellow section with some synths sounds. It then builds up based on a fantastic guitar solo, reminds me a bit of Nicklas from Papir.  Öresund starts with a more jazzy like drumming and playing about with the guitar line keeping it more steady. The bass really plays some cool stuff with some interesting layers of keyboards as the energy grows on this one. I really dig the groove and energy on this great track. World’s Apart fades up from a jam in progress and there are two guitar lines, one which sounds like a keyboard at times. Intense playing. Wow…  The record ends with the long Double Sun Parts 1 and 2. This features Bjørn on lead guitar.  Some really nice spacey stuff with dual guitars.  A bit krautrock at times this one, Neu groove with CAN exploration! What a great album. Wow…..

The current band is:
Ask Vatn Strøm: Electric and acoustic guitars. 
Ingvald André Vassbø: Drums, percussion and organ. 
Eskild Myrvoll: Bass, synths, electric and acoustic guitars.
Bjørn Klakegg : lead guitar on “Double Sun pt. 1 & 2”.

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