Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Telestar Sound Drone and Tumason- Studerterhuset, København June 1st, 2013

This was the LP release party for the local spacey band, The Telestar Sound Drone. Some of you might have seen the members playing in Baby Woodrose the last couple of years. I was at a small local film festival seeing two crazy films from the 70s (When the Screams Stop and Pieces, both with Spanish directors). When these films ended, Sven and I walked over from Huset to Studenterhuset. I had not seen a show here in years and the place is totally different now. Anyway, we met up with a lot of people that we know: Lars, JD, Henrik, Christian, Sebastian, Nik, and many others. It was a small crowd but there was a lot of other things going on and the weather was amazing, so many people just don’t go see music on these rare Danish summer days.

About 22, Icelandic singer-songwriter, Tumason, took us back to the 1940s with his raw style of blues with a lot of slide guitar. He is not a particularly great singer or guitar player but he sings and plays with a lot of passion and personality that is uniquely his own. A lot of the music is uptempo and he throws in a cover song here and there. His version of Dust my Broom was raw…. By the end of this set, maybe half the audience of 50 or so people were upfront and really enjoying the set. He played nearly one hour.

          23:30 the main attraction hit the stage! TTSD had only one 7” on Bad Afro out prior to the release of this full length record. I had seen them live once previously and really enjoyed them a lot. The singer (Sean) has a lot of energy and personality and there are a lot of dual vocals with the rhythm guitar player (Hans). They were joined by Christian (Bite the Bullet, ex-Highway Child) on bass and Hobitten (On Trial, Spids Nøgenhat, Dragontears) on lead guitar. The set included all of the tracks from the album and single as well at least one cover song by the old Texan band, The Red Crayola. IT was a great set up about one hour. I had expected them to have a few jams as they have these great hypnotic grooves but they play it all pretty straight with very few longer tracks. Still very spacey stuff and the singing is very melodic and like Spiritualized in many ways but with a more spacey psychedelic vibe that Hobbiten gives the band.

Set List: Through the Back, Light around, Mirror Pieces, Lost our Love, Satellited, Evaporation, Feels like a Ride, Comedown, On your Back, Cabin Fever, Hurricane, Golden Needles

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