Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Third Ear Experience- Black Peacock

This is a pretty damn cool jamming instrumental band from Joshua Tree, California. The concept is a bit like the Øresund Space Collective as this is a collection of jams with different people and very cool stuff. The opening 13min track is called The Surface of Last Scattering (any physicists in the band?) and is a mid paced track with a raw sound and texture but some really nice soloing by the synth player and guitarist. Really good dynamics with a nice free form feel to the music. a bit later the sax player joins in for a long solo. The title track is nearly 23 mins and next and starts more slow and spacey with some airy female vocals coming in after a few minutes. It slowly develops into an incredible track with this heavy guitar riff and then really cool horn section just before the main guitar solo section. Impressive jam, wow! A Pocketful of Stars is a 13min piece that starts off with some didgeridoo followed by a long guitar solo section. The next stage the track floats into a spacey section with fender Rhodes and nice synths sounds. The track slowly builds up again based around the piano with some nice synths later on. The final track is the 25min journey they call High Lands. It starts with a repetitive synthesizer sequence that lasts for quite a long time before it takes off with some saxophone, guitar and spacey synth sections that all blend together very nicely. A very repetitive section where the same riff is repeated over and over begins to fold into the mix and then the sax really takes the lead. It gets deceptively more and more intense and heavy and then the trip and CD is over.. 76mins…
          This is a damn cool release. Only available as digital and CD format at the moment. This is a jam band I will continue to check out. Fans of Øresund Space Collective will dig this band.

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