Sunday, June 30, 2013

Earthling Society- Zodiak (4Zero Records FZ013)

Earthing Society is back with another great record and features guest musicians Lew Dickinson on sax and Neil Whitehead on synths. I picked this one up and reviewed it previously when the vinyl edition came out but the band had more in mind than a single LP when they recorded this album and so the LP release is really a totally different record, containing only an edit of the full length 30min Zodiak and Astral Traveller. The rest of the CD is unique material and the LP had the amazing track Silver Phase, which does not appear on the CD. The CD starts off two tracks not on the vinyl edition, the City of Resurrections and I don’t know Myself. The first is a short intro track that is mainly drums and synthesizers and ends abruptly just as you enter the trance. I don’t know Myself is a 6min track and quite psychedelic with lots of stuff going on while Fred tries to distract you with his singing. What a tripped out song with saxophone and weird disturbing sounds and strange lyrics. Zodiak is 30 mins long and for the patient. It is a slow journey but one worth taking and if you have the vinyl version you got to hear most of the track. Desolation is a slow mellow track with some nice saxophone as well after the intense Zodiak. The Astral Traveller is another long trip clocking in at nearly 22 mins and certainly extended from the vinyl version. I love this track. The Elevator does not stop at this Floor closes the CD and is also not on the vinyl and includes some nice elevator sounds to get you into the mood for where this psychedelic monster album is going to end..

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