Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dark Budda Rising- Dakhmandal (Svart Records)

Finnish space doom band, DBR are back with a beautiful new 3LP box with one long song per side. IT is made in only 225 copies and will sell out soon, I am sure.  As with all their albums you need to open up your mind, relax on the sofa and crank this one up and just let the tracks take you on that journey to the dark side of your soul, where the mischievous, the devilish side of everyone exists…. The sound production is really excellent and clear but also massive when it needs to be! The first track is slow and meandering at first but is always threatening but not quite going for the throat as the sounds begin to come forth in the mix to fuck with your mind. The track actually ends before any climax so now you have to disrupt your trip and flip the record. Now a totally different kind of vocal comes in as the band goes into a bit of chaos mode and just plain freaking out. Very tripped out and then half way through the DOOM riff kicks in! Yeah.. Later the brutal cries of a tortured soul take the intensity to another level. Phew.. The third side starts off straight away at a slow but not doom pace with a clean but distant vocal but soon the guitar riff gets mutated and twisted in sound and then it gets really heavy, then totally slow and spaced out like BONG. Then the guy torturing the aliens in the space ship raises the climax. Side 4, the intensity is rising and just fucking mad as the flanged out guitar rips your head off and the screams of insanity tease your brain. Now the music is getting fucking dangerous.. It ends in a spaced out drone.. Ok.. the last two sides.. Side 5 is back to the classic slow space doom and side 6 just blew me away as it was so different and more laid back. Some cool synthesizers and even clean vocals at times. This is a pretty damn cool release and shows growth in the bands ability to mix things up. Cool stuff…

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