Monday, June 3, 2013

Electric Taurus- Vereralia (Moonlight Records)

ET is a new Italian trio playing heavy rock with a great groove. The CD starts off with Mountains. The guitar player and singer, Matt, has a gruff voice but it fits well with the music. Mountains is pretty hard hitting but it has it melodic parts as well including acoustic guitar but no guitar so. A New Moon is a longer track at nearly 7 mins with a good starting groove and quite a few interesting changes and a melodic solo in the middle before heading back into the main riffs that drive the song. Mescalina, is a 11½ min track and like it’s title is suggests is pretty psychedelic and sees the band experimenting a lot more which is really cool. It starts slowly with some guitar delays, effects, spacey sounds and vocals. At 4mins the really cool stoner rock like riff and groove kicks in.. Later it takes a totally different direction with an almost reggae like guitar riff and nice bass solo! A very adventurous track. Two Gods is a more heavy track with a cool slower groove section that I really like. A short guitar solo is played in the middle as well with some nice bass playing to back it up (more impressive than the solo). Prelude to the Madness is a very cool track with a DOOM like riff and then it goes into this super cool section that is really melodic and catchy and really catches you off guard but I like it a lot. The middle section is really psyched out. The CD ends with magic Eye. It begins with a wah guitar and slow building riff but develops into a cool track.. Check these guys out on bandcamp....

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