Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Machine/Sungrazer Split LP (Elektrohasch 161)

This is split LP by the two cool Dutch bands on the Elektrhasch label. it is limited to 525 numbered copies. It is cool to hear the bands also doing something a bit different. They both used to sound like Colour Haze but they have shed that skin now. The question is whether you will like it or not. Both bands perform 3 songs. Both bands have a great sound on this record. Dopo starts the side though with a very jammy track with heavy bass and some really cool spacey guitar. Great song. The Sungrazer tracks have a very laid back vocal that reminds me so much of Kurt Cobain when he sung in this laid back mode. It is quite clear on the chorus of Yo La tengo, they know this as well. Flow through a good story is a slow stoney track that just glides and cruises until a more upbeat ending. Flip the record over for the Machine. The first track is really slow and doomy, almost reminds me of Toner Low! Not Only is a very fast and short rocker, while Slipface is the good old Machine that we love, with some amazing guitar and jamming feel to it. I happen to like this side quite a lot more than the first but I am also sure many will think just the opposite! really cool artwork  on this LP…

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