Saturday, May 18, 2013

GNOD/Bear Bones lay Low Split cassette (Full of Nothing FON40)

A Russian label has released this split cassette of new material from these two bands. GNOD is making music in a more drone spaced out fashion like their last couple of not that interesting releases but I think this cassette was quite cool with their side long track called The Choice of a Nubian Generation. It has more intricate synths, not so minimalistic. It is quite nice and floating and good for the early morning to start the day and includes some guitar as well. Towards the end of the track you can hear the drums (or machine) and some far away vocals if you listen closely. Flip the tape over for Bear Bones Lay Low. Their side features 4 tracks. Quemacoco starts with some fast vibrating sound and then layers of lead synth come in over the top. It is very spaced out and psychedelic. Roswell Romance II is something totally different with some strange samples, disconnected electronic rhythm beat generated drive. Tripped. Warmth, ever so Pleasant is next and more back to like the first track with a fast oscillation and some layers of synths. Llévenme con Ustedes ends this psychedelic instrumental soundscape tape. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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