Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Brother the Wind- Theme from Drop out Analogue 7” (Self Released)

This is a very limited 7” that the band sold at their Roadburn Festival gig 2013. It is pressed in only 200 copies and each one is numbered. The 7” plays of 45 speed and is one jam track split into parts 1 and 2. I have to say when the needle hit the vinyl and this one started to play I was totally caught off guard by the real 60’s vibe with the way the guitar and organ is played on this one. I half expected Marty Balin to kick in an awesome vocal followed by Grace Slick! A really cool groove. When you flip the record that is when Mathias really plays a excellent guitar solo. The track just sort of jams it out until the end with a nice groove and feeling. Hope you can find one of these.

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