Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Cosmic Dead- Inner Sanctum (Evil Hoodoo Records)

The Glasgow spaced out rock outfit, the Cosmic Dead are back with another cassette release. The bands for two cassettes are sold out but have now come out on vinyl on a couple of different labels. Anyway, this tape is pretty long (74mins) featuring 4 tracks recorded on March 31st in Glasgow. Most of the set the band played at Roadburn seemed to be from this tape. Side A starts with the Custa v Bjornstrand track with a mid pace and heavy bass line. The guitars are pretty psyched out and the synthesizers slowly get louder and start to dominate the sound as the band jams away in the background. A spoken word vocal or sample comes in eventually. The track is a long trip. Some cool guitar at the end. The Mass of Betelgeuse is the 2nd track. This starts heavy, slow, almost doomy bass line and very spacey guitar and synths as it slowly builds up. Wow. Super cool track.. Flip the tape over for the title track, Inner Sanctum. Again the spaced out jam starts with a cool driving bass line as the guitar just gets totally spaced out. It takes a long time for him to come back down to earth as the band maintains this high energy and really spaced out vibe. Phew.. The last track, Hello Satan, starts slow and heavy but then builds up much like all the other tracks. A pretty damn cool release. I am sure it will show up on vinyl like the other cassettes have now. Cool band. Was one of my favourite at Roadburn this year…

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