Saturday, May 18, 2013

BONG/Pyramidion split LP (At War with False Noise 125)

This just came out of nowhere and luckily for me, Nils scored me a copy. I have not heard Pyramidion before. The LP comes with a small insert with some info about Pyramidion and nothing but a symbol for BONG. They are a four piece band and like BONG perform an lp long side track called The Gargle Decree (Flabbergasted Vatican). The track is a bit like Circle but with two guitars that nicely interweave in and out with each other in a cool dynamic. Think of My brother the Wind or Øresund Space Collective but with a less dynamic bass player. Great track. BONG starts off with a slow spacey vibe with the fuzz guitar mixed quite far to the back and the Indian instrument up in the front. It is slowly stonely drifting towards the horizon of Mars. Take the trip, it is long and slow and some slow lead guitar bubbles up from the depths on occasion as you feel you are drifiting into the outer depths of your mind… Towards the end, the main guitar gets much louder and starts to dominate as the wall of sound saturates your cortex with reverberating DOOM…..

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