Sunday, November 25, 2012

UFOs over Ellmendingen- Live at Alien Rocket Flight Vol 2 (Kerntonschall Records 001)

This is a really cool record featuring Ax Genrich, The Pancakes and Zone Six live from Oct 14th, 2011. The A (Moon) side starts off with A Trip to Paradise by Ax and his current band.  The track starts slow and spaced spacey but slowly takes off with a few spoken words, a bass solo and then Ax takes the center stage and plays some really cool guitar. Great track. The Pancakes are next with Man on the Moon, which is features a lot of great psychedelic lead guitar playing and cool vocals as the singer is really good and passionate. The track must be 10 mins long but has a good mix of melodic singing, guitar parts and psychedelia. This is my favourite track on the record. Flip the record over to the UFO side and it starts with a track by the Pancakes called Elephant. The track is built on a repetitive guitar riff that drives it. Hypnotic stuff. A little guitar freakout at the end. Zone Six starts with some space sounds and a melodic guitar line slowly moves to the front. As soon as the jam takes off it is driven by Lulu’s bass line and Rainer's freaky guitar and will remind you of Electric Moon since it is basically all the same people and same concept. Sula plays the drums here though. Rainer is really freaking out on the guitar making this track quite spaced out. Crazy stuff.

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