Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dust Storm Warning- Dust Storm Warning (Acid Cosmonauts ACD-001)

Dust Storm Warning is a pretty damn cool psychedelic stoner rock band from Italy. A four piece with bass, drums, guitar and vocals. Wolf has a pretty deep gruff voice but I really like his vocal delivery and feeling. The sound is dirty, heavy, raw stoner rock riffing with a mix of short and longer tracks. Outrun is a straightforward stoner rocker with a powerful vocal. Space Cubeship is tuned down, heavy, slow and mean. 666.1.333 starts with a coughing laugh as he took too big a bong hit before the hypnotic riff kicks in later on the band goes into a bit of a guitar solo jam section and then back to the riffs. Dune is nearly 8mins and starts slow with a heavy bass that slowly builds up and might remind some of Colour Haze at times but takes a really long time and never really goes anywhere interesting. Lonely Coyote is also 8mins and starts slow but by 1½ mins the main heavy parts kick in and then go up and down as the track evolves. Sherpa is another short improvised piece but it does not really go anywhere that interesting but serves to connect you with the Monkey Woman! This is a short 3 min hard rocking track with a slightly different sound production. Trippin’ the Drill has a really cool stoner rock riff that really gets you moving. Rise again returns to a cool groove and I like the guitar section but as on all these tracks the solos are so short. Cool riff. Wasteland is a sort of experimental track with a really cool beginning. Requiem is melodically sung and you would not even know it was the same singer at all. Cool way to end the CD. If you like the high energy stoner rock like Dozer, Deville, Magnified Eye you will dig these guys for sure. No offering anything really new but some kick ass songs and a pretty cool record. The digipack artwork is really excellent.  Oh yeah.. must be played LOUD.

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