Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Pancakes/Magi Razzo Split LP (Kerntonschall Records)

This is an interesting split LP with the current Germany Psych band, The Pancakes (older material from 2005-2009) and some unreleased material by Magi Razzo from 1986! The record comes with a 2 sided insert for each band. The A side starts with 5 tracks of psychedelic garage rock by the Pancakes including the one called The too long fried hemp pancake woman. The Ghost is a funny track but it has you singing along, “Silly Ghost” by the end. The Hemp Pancake song is freaky, strange and a bit like surf psych stuff. I really like the long track Flying, which is more psychedelic and floating with some nice bendy guitar and a stoned nature. Hawaii and Banana are shorter 3-4min tracks. Hawaii is a funny track and Banana a mostly instrumental track with a repeated theme and again surf returns.

          Magi Razzo were a dada psychedelic band from Germany in the 80s. These 8 tracks were recorded on a 4 track tape machine in 1986. All the songs are sung in German so I have no idea what they sing about. Java Girl reminds me a bit of Hungarian music! Der Rhein ist tot is also a strange mix of surf calypso nonsense with some psychedelic guitar. I like the bass line. Melancholie 86 has a cool drive to it as well. Flashback No5 also returns to this slight surf psych feel and a really strange psychout section in this instrumental track. Wieder einmal is the longest track at 5mins. Silicon Orbit features that 13th floor elevator freaky jug sound but is pretty cool. Silcon Safer Sex part 1 ends the side and is a happy strange number that you want to whistle along with… Pretty strange but cool record especially if you like surf psych stuff and understand German!

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