Sunday, November 25, 2012

ELECTRIC ORANGE- XX (Studio Fleisch SELP02/03)

The German Kraut rock band, Electric Orange are celebrating 20 years and so have released a new 4 song double LP to celebrate. Rumor has it they will play some more gigs next year to support this. The band has released a lot of cool and pretty diverse stuff over the years and is not afraid to step out the box and experiment either. The four sides of vinyl all have different black and white pictures but no other information so it is impossible to know what side is what since every side is just one long track around 20mins long. Anyway, the first side I put on (has a picture of some rodent) starts with a very slow stoned spacey jam, that slowly builds up as each member (Georg, Dirk, Tom and Dirk Jan) finds their way. It slows down to just some droning organ and guitar sound experiments and but before it totally dies out, the bass and drums return. Maybe this was supposed to be the last side you hear? Next side has a pictures of a piece of wood with some like dried cement on it. It starts very slow and spacey. The drum kicks in and tries to raise the tempo but the others resist and stay in drone mode. Slowly, the bass also tries to push the track forward, still the guitar and organ resist until the end and refuse to play a solid riff or join the groove. Next side (Mountain Goat picture) plays from the inside out and again is another organ drove thing to start but finally a real guitar solo slowly jams the track out. This one was pretty cool. Flip the record over and this is another starts with a real uptempo drum intro that ends after 15 seconds and the organ drone takes over but the kick drum keeps a rhythm as some of the other guys start to bubble up from the bottom and the guitar drones in as well. The guitar riff and spacey organ build this one up with a real feel of tension, like something menacing is about to happen and then it all fades away comes down at the end.

          This is a pretty strange stoned drone trip with not a lot of energy. I think a lot of people will not really dig it and might get bored unless they play it really loud and are really stoned, then you will hear it in another dimension…

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