Friday, November 9, 2012

GOLDEN VOID- Golden Void (Thrill Jockey)

Golden Void is the new band from Isaiah, lead guitarist in Earthless. He has joined with some dudes and one gal from the SF bay area that he went to junior and high school with and created a melodic hard rock band where he sings and plays all the guitar. He is backed up by Aaron Morgan on bass, Justin Pinkerton on drums and Camilla Saufley-Mitchell (Assemble Head of Sunburst Sound) on Hammond and Rhodes. If you are expecting anything like Earthless, then you will be disappointed. There are not that many guitar solos, which I was really disappointed in but there are some great songs and I like his singing. The opening track gives you an idea of the overall style of the record and features some great organ playing and a really ripping massive solo (but this is the only one like it on the whole record). Virtue has a harder edge riff but it mellows out quite a bit and is pretty melodic except when they bring back the cool guitar riff. He plays a short wah solo at the end of the track. Jetsun Dolma is more laid back and features the Fender Rhodes and a cool wah guitar riff as Isaiah tells his story. I like this track. Badlands has the same singing style as the others but a more complex interaction between the organ and guitar and some intense drumming. Both the tracks from the 7” released last year start the B side of the record. I already reviewed this record here. The Curve is a totally amazing track and still probably the best the band has done. Atlantis ends the record. This is a slow building track that has a very cool guitar riff and the Hammond comes back in strong on this one. The vocals play a big role in this track especially at the end of the track where the riff is played over and over and the same vocal line is sung over and over until it is the only thing left and all else fades away. A pretty cool record that really grows on you. Here is a great interview if you want to learn more about the band.

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