Friday, November 9, 2012


This is the 2nd release by Horders (first was a split tape with Pink Priest). The cassette or LP features guest spots by members of THE BURDEN, 50/50, and WITHDRAWAL. It is made in an edition of 100 copies. It features like 14 tracks on one side of a cassette. Some of the songs have live drums but most don’t according to the tape info. Anyway, World without End start things off and is pretty raw, rehearsal room raw, very loud, repetitive heavy riffage stuff where the guitar is the most well recorded instrument, the be the drums and bass (if there is any?) are often far away. Next, they can come back at you with some acoustic guitars where you feel you out in the deep forest. They use some interesting sound samples as well such as cows and night time in the great outdoors. A few spoken word samples appear as well but they are mixed pretty far out there so hard to identify. A piano is also included on one of the tracks. Ambient, experimental acoustic noise music. It is also released on a 12" vinyl LP courtesy of the UK's FEAST OF TENTACLES, housed in a gatefold jacket with full color inside and screen printed black inner sleeves (edition of 100 on clear vinyl, 400 black). all design and layout by GIVE UP.

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