Sunday, November 25, 2012


I did not hear the bands last CD (Superautobahn) but recently got this one (thanks Niko) when I was in Croatia for the first time. It was released earlier this year on the Sulatron label in Germany. IN starts the record off with a some spacey voice and then kicks into the main melodic riff that the track is built on when they repeat as the intensity builds. . Next is the long title track AUM and this is really an amazing track with some killer guitar playing. In the middle a sort of like vocal drone section takes your attention away before it really builds up again and Niko just rips it up big time on the guitar. It goes through a lot more changes in this really complex track and ends with the vocal ommmmmmm.  Wow. Side B starts with In, a noisy spacey loud mildly violent feedback drenched drone.. This leads into the very uptempo track, Rock ist Krieg. It has a very complex rhythm and dynamic and then it breaks out into some really intense guitar soloing and then the next section the drummer and bass player lay down this super powerful stuff and Niko spaces out with a slide guitar section and back out into a powerful riff that is repeated and then it has a slow painful death. Out starts with a lead guitar riff that is repeated over and over again and there is a like distant vocal ethereal vocal melody that makes it pretty psychedelic and trippy. The guitar line evolves slightly over time. Seven that Spells does it again with a damn cool record with some new fresh blood including an American bass player named Jeremy White.

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