Friday, November 9, 2012


Jakob is best known in the world as the drummer with the Danish outfit, Causa Sui. On the side he has been involved in a number of electronic projects such as September. This is his first solo record on the Causa Sui label, El Paraiso Records. It is pressed on blue vinyl in 500 copies. The record 4 tracks on each side and is pretty short, totally playing time less than 30 minutes. Tune in (55 seconds) starts things off. It is all basically performed on old analog synthesizers (Moog, Sequential Circuits, etc). Tune In is quite far out. Prophet uses repetitive loops and layers and is going back to the real old spacey sounds of the early 70’s Germany synth space explorers like Klaus Schultze. It is that same vibe. Rates is a more melodic symphonic like piece with a lot of spacey sounds. Longevity Suite is the one you can hear on the label web site and the longest track on the record at 7½ mins. Again, this takes you back to the early synth pioneers from the 70s. Cool stuff. Side B starts with a more high tempo synth space out that fades into space before the next track, In Between which leads into Legacy Lost (6mins). This one has a really nice melody that follows the repeated synth programmed drone and it ends with some delays on some of the sounds. Echoes is a short repeated lush drone piece to settle your mind at ease.  If you dig old school stuff like Cluster check this out.

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