Sunday, November 25, 2012

HOUSE OF AQUARIUS- The World through bloodred Eyes (Electric Magic EMLP01 )

House of Aquarius was a special Swedish stoner rock band. They did not release that much material but this one has long been out of print (released in 2002) and this is the first time on vinyl on a new label started by Christian of Samsara Blues Experiment. It is 9 tracks with a diverse expression within the stoner rock genre. Lord of Vermin kicks in very powerful and you immediately get to hear the diversity in Mikael’s vocals. The riffs are pretty massive at times but this is balanced by more laid back melodic parts. This is a great number with really cool dynamics and lots of changes.  Rock and Roll Grandma and the KKK is a funny little track and I love when the wah solo just rips takes the band out on a jam at the end. It is quite unexpected. Fear no Evil starts with a solo guitar riff in a slow simple track with a passionate vocal before they kick in with the monster riff and groove to take it away in stoner headbanging fashion and the sound becomes really fuzzed out. Azteroid Zombiez has a heavy tuned down riff and a bouncy bass line that Thomas mixes playing straight riffs, and some different guitar ideas before the main riff returns. A short track. Cosmic Weed has a wah riff that leads the track. Very cool track.  Side B starts with Unholy with an uptempo track with an excellent guitar riff and groove, then a blues section and the head down groove with a short solo. Apes and Blood has a really killer spaced out mid section with a manic bass line. One of the more psychedelic tracks. Out of the hands of your God is probably the best track on the record and a great way to end. Starts as a Kyuss like track but then really goes psychedelic at the end. Pretty cool record..

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