Friday, December 7, 2012

Mantric Muse and Øresund Space Collective- Dragens Hule, Copenhagen Dec 1st, 2012

This was the Mantric Muse CD release party and ØSC were nicely added to the bill so we could reunite the early line up of ØSC. The doors opened early and it was free entrance and the band provided  a lot of snacks and free beers on all the tables to get the party started. It was so great to see some people I had not seen in years and many of the people who used to come out and support the band. This was their first real concert since 2006.  Some of the old Mantric Muse members were also here. It was a great party but the band was delayed in starting as the people who were going to do the projections bailed out and they had to hunt down a projector and do our old school visuals with G-Force and a laptop. The projector did not arrive until 22:30 and by the time it was up and running it was nearly 23 so a quite late start. Mantric Muse played the entire new LP in order except they stuck an older song, Mystsic Union (in quite a new version) before Deep Sea Cheops. The new synthesizer player Ola (Bland Bladen, ØSC, Derango, Hofoot etc..) it was his first gig ever playing Mantric Muse songs and he is exactly the person they have needed all these years. The band sounded fantastic and also tagged some jams into the ends of several of the songs. The place was pretty filled up and people really dug the show. They had only one more song to play called Arm. The set was about 105mins.

 After about 35mins, ØSC was ready to fly with all the Mantric Muse guys on board plus Ola and Sebastian (both from Bland Bladen) and myself. This was the original line up that played the first OSC shows here in Dragens Hule back in 2005 and also recorded the first two records. Mogens would join in here and there on the Fender Rhodes as well. We played about an hour long set and then we changed the more recent ØSC line up with Jiri on Bass, Birk on drums, Nick on the guitar. Ola and I stayed on. We have two long jams and then PIB, who also has not played drums with us in nearly 2 years joined at the end. What a night but it was after 4 in the morning when Sebastian and I packed our stuff up and headed out. The rest actually kept on jamming until like 5:30 in the morning I was told. Far out.. A fantastic night and Mantric Muse is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can hear the ØSC set at this link.
 All photos by Sabine. 

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