Friday, December 21, 2012

Electric Moon- Live 2012 One and Two (Sulatron Records STCDR019/20)

These are the latest two live CD-Rs by Electric Moon capturing the bands shows at two different festivals and the first releases with new drummer, Michael Orloff. The first ONE is from Zytanien Festival and features 6 jams in this set. The opening 20½ min jam starts like most of the 2011-2012 EM jams, heavy bass and highly effected guitar riffing before Dave heads into freakout mode and the bass takes over the entire sound as Dave sort of disappears in the background of the mix and then later reappears with some aggressive wah guitar attacks and Michael keeps driving the track. Lots of super psyched out guitar. Spaced out stuff. The 2nd track grows out of the end of the first with a very repetitive bass line to start a bit like Robot Stomp by White Hills but then it changes and Dave plays some more melodic guitar lines and then starts hitting the effects pedals and back into space they go. Jam 3 starts slow spacey and searching while Michael has a bit of a break.  Sula plays some keyboard sounds with his guitar before strapping on the guitar and letting it rip again. I love the riff he comes up for this jam. HE goes into total freakout mode though at the end. The next jam is pretty hypnotic with some cool delay guitars. Jam 5 is more melodic to start with some guitar soloing and Lulu really drives this track with the bass. The sound balance is better as well as the bass was just too much in the first track or two. The last track is abit more stoned and by far the shortest jam at only 7mins. If you like previous EM stuff you will dig this as well. Michael is a very solid drummer for the band. Total time is 78mins.

          TWO is recorded at the Rocht de See Festival and Michael has settled in a bit more and the jams are longer as there is only 4 tracks on this CD and they Dave does not play such heavy guitar, a bit more melodic. This one starts off with some delay bass lines that sound pretty cool and spacey. It does not take them long before they head off into wah wah land for a 18min trip. What a cool spacey effect he has on the guitar on one part. The 2nd jam is really excellent and the best lead guitar stuff Dave plays on the either of the CDs, perhaps. Not so totally freaked out and heavy, more melodic while lulu and Michael keep the groove. Next track has some really cool delay guitar. By the end of 2½ hrs of EM, you are pretty wiped out.. Intense, psychedelic stuff. The last track is a killer… The band are really grooving and spacing…

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