Friday, December 21, 2012

Asteroid- Asteroid 7” (Sweden 2012)

The Örebrö, Sweden based band, Asteroid are back with a limited edition 300 copy 7” with two new tracks that play at 33rpm. The artwork is quite simple with almost no information on the two printed papers inserted into the clear plastic sleeve. The A side is a track called Move a Mountain and it starts off mid-paced and pretty bluesy with a simple guitar solo. It stays in this laid back stoney blues mode but is mainly driven by the bass line of the song. There is a small mid-section break the sounds like a keyboard or a 2nd guitar and then it is gone. The ending is more of an uptempo stoner rock style. Cool track. One foot in the Grave also has this bluesy feel like their local friends, Dead Man. The mid section is a simple riff and bass groove that eventually a wah solo sort of squeezes out of the end before they go back into the main theme again.

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