Saturday, July 4, 2015

Aerosol- Leave (n5MD MD237LP)

Aerosol is the solo project from multiinstrumentalist, Rasmus Rasmussen, who plays keyboards in Causa Sui. He has been playing music for many years in all sorts of projects. This is his solo projects 3rd record. The record features 4 tracks on each side and Rasmus plays all the instruments and nearly all instruments analog while the recording was done digitally. My quick feeling when I heard the record a few times was that it was deeply inspired by Cluster. I think this is a good reference for fans of that band. Anyway, Paths starts things off on side A with a lot of multilayered synthesisers and a simple drum program and then he plays some melodic guitar over the top. The synths are the main focus though as you have one that is like creating these waves, one making spacey sounds and one swirling around the soundspace. Very cool and beautiful piece of music. Reach is next and has an appreciated synth line that leads, while the pad synths float and glide around the soundscape and melodic guitar plays over the top. Very minimal percussion is mixed low in the background. Leave is a slow building one with powerful low end on one of the synths and some what sounds like backwards guitar layered in. Quite triply. Possible ends side A and features acoustic guitar and piano. Side B starts off with Kicks, which has more drums and a bass line synth that leads the track. Eventually some guitar is layered in as well. Nice track. Exposure is back to the more floating and early kraut synth vibe. Passing starts with a repeated synth line and one that sort of buzzes across the soundscape. A lightly and airy guitar line is also included… Real closes this vinyl record If you like relaxing synth music, this is a great record..  enjoy and check out the great interview below.  (you can buy the record here!)

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