Monday, July 13, 2015

Ball- Fyre Balls 7” (Subliminal Sounds)

Ball is a mutant off-shoot of the Swedish band Skogen Brinner and is apparently 3 brothers. This debut 7” features 2 tracks. The first on called Fyre Balls is a 2 1/2 min track which sounds like a short psychedelic jam with some keyboards and a raw nasty fuzzed out guitar. Cool song. The video for 'Fyre Balls' will debut on on Tuesday July 16th. 

Fyre is 8 mins and features some vocals and intense guitar and great rock groove. A nasty band but good fun psychedelic rock and roll with some bursts of cool guitar parts.  Might remind me of Santa Cruz (Orange Sunshine side group). A promising new band if you like psychedelic rock with a lot of guitar and I do. 

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