Monday, July 13, 2015

Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand- Joyride (Self Released)

This is apparently quite an old band who will celebrate their 20th anniversary next year. I had never heard them before and I have to say after hearing the record 4 times now, I still don’t really know what to write about these folks….. Strange, gothic, krauty, weirdness….   Cool CD slip sleeve with nice artwork but almost no information. Without my glasses I would have never been able to figure out who this band was… no information virtually… Anyway…. Bizzare stuff, very minimal at times and a special sound production. Female spoken words, dreamy synths, strange sound effects, sometimes backwards instruments, no or minimal drums…… vibrating synths, bass drones, muffled guitars,…. spacey at times… intense… just check them out and make your own opinion! 

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