Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vibravoid- 2001 4LP Box Set (Kraut Minded Records)

I think when you get this box all you can do is say WOW…. This is a very impressive box filled up with stuff and music to celebrate the release of the very first Vibravoid record.  The 4LP box has a lot of great stuff and each record is in a different multicoloured vinyl. There is a 16 page book, a large 2 sided poster and 12cm vibravoid patch… As for the music there are 30 tracks of all sorts of unreleased demos and live tracks, mostly are from the period when this original record came out. I have not heard the whole thing yet but it a very cool release. It costs about 75€plus postage, so it is not a cheap item. There are 750 numbered boxes. Only one press..  

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