Monday, July 13, 2015

ZX+- DON’T DRINK THE WATER CD (Play and Record Records PRR4)

ZX+ is basically a one man project by a gentleman named Stephen Evans. He has some help on drums and some female backing vocals as well on a number of tracks. This CD features 13 tracks in a little more than 30mins. He has previously released an LP in 50 copies and a compilation CD of different tracks. The Crazies starts things off and has a crazy high pitch ring noise at the end, that is meant to annoy you and make you pay attention…. Weird pop… Kurtz is a quirky fast paced track with some weird samples. Something Real has the drums mixed very high and a simple bass line and seems to be personal song with Mary adding some dreamy vocals.. Mud and Rubble is a fast paces sort of garage rock track. - is a short acoustic track that leads into Pet Sematary. Yes.. it is spelled that way… The Desert has a bit of a western tinge to it and starts with some acoustic guitar and then goes electric and is a very cool song.. I will not go through all 13 tracks but this is some very personal pop with a tinge of psychedelic here and there to make it all not quite as normal as it seems. There are some really cool songs and a few that did not speak to me at all..  hard to find much info about him on the net but see the links below… This is a really diverse collection of songs with a each different from the previous, which I like.. Enjoy.. 

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