Friday, July 10, 2015

Aerosol- Byhaven, Copenhagen July 9th, 2015

Aerosol is a solo project by Rasmus Rasmussen of Causa Sui. He has recently released a new album that I reviewed a few weeks ago. LINK. I had never seen him live in this context. He was joined by a guy named Keith on guitar. On the albums, Rasmus plays all the instruments but he obviously can’t do that here.. Anyway, it had been awful weather all day and although it was not raining now it was still quite cold (58F, 14C) for a July day. About 50 people were hanging out, mostly friends of his wife.  He played about 6 tracks I think for about 45mins. The sound was great and it is cool music but more for small club with some cool visuals of skydiving or floating in space or running through grassy fields would add to the experience.. It was nice. I did not stay to see the next band, Irene..

You can hear his channel on you tube!

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