Saturday, July 4, 2015

DATURA4- DEMON BLUES (Alive Records ALIVE0172-2)

Datura4 is a great new band on the Radio Moscow label, Alive Records. They are from Western Australia and for sure heard a lot of Buffalo and Master’s Apprentence. The CD features 11 tracks and starts off with Out with the Tide, a cool blues rocker with a lot of way guitar, that sets the standard for what will come from this quartet (two guitar, bass, drums). Both guitar players, Dom and Greg sing. You ain’t no friend of Mine is a hypnotic stoner blues track. Another Planet is a fantastic 60s inspired laid back and amazing song, probably my favourite on the entire record. Just an amazing song that I can hear over and over again… Journey Home has a more heavy bass line to start this one off but the melodic guitar leads the track while the heavy fuzzed one gives the vibe. Reminds me of Arc of Ascent a bit.. Cool song with some nice psychedelic guitar and a great stoned vibe. Hoonswing is a down dirty slow blues track. Demon Blues takes the foot stomping good fun vibe up a step and is a great track to crank up but it is short.. Pissing up the Wall features some slide guitar an again a nice return with a cool groove. Killjoy starts with a solo guitar and then the wall of stoned sound kicks in and off we go.. Gravedigger Man is a more laid back track about working in the cemetery! Love to Burn is another real 70s inspired hard rock track but with that nice stoney vibe. If 7 was 11 is called a Bonus track on the CD…  It is a slow bluesy instrumental track that was probably just a jam in the studio. I really dig this record a lot. Amazing stuff.. This will be on my list of top records for 2015 for sure… 

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