Saturday, July 4, 2015

F/i- VENUSIAN HOLIDAY LP (Kraut Minded Records)

F/i are the longest running US Space rock bands, going on and off since the early 80s. I was first turned on to their really early electronic music by Doug Walker of Alien Planetscapes and have followed the band for more than 20 years and heard most everything they have produced except a few releases. This is the same line up that made the bands last release. This album features 4 jammed out tracks of instrumental space rock with some cool electronics. Grant, the only original member left in the group makes his own synthesiser modules and makes some cool sounds here…  The title track starts things off with the band all searching with a lot of spaced out sounds before the cymbals and drums slowly enter and the jam begins with the bass line and guitars. Alien Planetscapes vibe at times with all the spaced out synths and intense panning of the guitar makes it quite psychedelic. Welcome to the Jewelled Forest kicks in with a slightly faster pace and a nasty distortion guitar and some organ as the bass line drives things. This is very much a guitar driven jam with the synths being much less involved but Brian killing it on the guitar. 860 degrees in the shade is a short 4 min track and almost like a distorted garage rock song with some crazy sounds going on. OM17 is a really cool track and returns with the synths playing a greater role in the track and making it really spacey.  Love the modular synths stuff as it sounds so rich.  At the end they borrow the Pink Floyd- Set the Controls for the heart of the Sun riff and vibe for a most excellent piece of music.  Cool album. 

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