Saturday, July 4, 2015

Circle- Pharaoh Overlord (KRYPT-083) /Pharaoh Overlord- Circle (KRYPT-084)

So Circle and Pharaoh Overlord are back with new records, each sharing titles and ideas. I have started with the Circle record. It starts off with Koitto, a mellow track with just simple guitar and vocals my Mika. Very repetitive for a while and then a cool groove starts as the whole band joins in and Juho play some horns (tuba?). The vocals return to the same theme as it started with. Eventually Mika lets out a scream and then the same themes with slight variations are repeated over and over again for a bit too long actually. I really like the track a lot but not enough new happened to really keep me totally engaged. Kävelen Luiden Päällä is next and a bit of the same sort of theme with a repetitive theme with the simple horn line but then an occasional heavy guitar kicks in an Mika lets out a few screams now and then… The best part is when the bass line really becomes more noticeable in the mix and you feel like it is starting to build up but then it doesn’t and returns to the same theme. Again, quite a long track without a lot happening. The same over and over and over. Side B has three tracks starting off with Aavasksa with a repeated theme and again some singing (not words) as the track slowly grows and has acoustic guitar and similar simple horn lines as the song line is repeated over and over..  Akdebaran sounds a lot like one of the songs from the other side. Madonna of Viggiano ends the record and features some like spoken word vocals in English and again a simple theme repeated over and over and some horns. A more heavy guitar kicks in every now and then… That is it.. Circle is Circle and they do their own thing but this one did not turn me on much.. a bit boring..

Pharaoh Overlord is also quite laid back to start with and a lot of repetition but no horns. Cool laid back groove with a bit of spaciness to it. Some nice guitar parts start to evolve and a new age like synth line also joins in. Synths eventually take the lead role in this track, like Italian movie sound track stuff. Tarkennus is next and is really uptempo and also very synth driven. Verbi ends side A and is another fast one with what sounds like a lot of programmed drums (and maybe real ones also) and mostly synthesisers as well. This entire side sounds like no other PO stuff I have ever heard. Bizzare..

Villaa is mid paced and starts with a thumping bass line, quick drums and some guitar but then after 3mins or so, the synths overpower the guitars and then the guitars fight back and take the lead in creating the melody. Cool track.. Raide 2 takes things down a step and has some nice dual guitar lines and a synth arpeggio that lingers mostly in the background but other synth pads and sounds bubble up here and there.. Ystävinä ja Pariskuntina ends the side and is more hypnotic and has a pad synth line running through the track while there is some nice guitar played but it also never really takes off anywhere and repeats the same theme over and over..   Well, now you have to decide if you will like this new material or not.. It was not so exciting for me..

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