Tuesday, December 30, 2014

L’Ira del Baccano- Terra 42 (Subsound Records)

L’Ira del Baccano are a new band from Rome, Italy. I heard of this band as the guitar player Alessandro is the boyfriend of my friend Banessa a really cool local DJ in Malmö. The record has been released on CD as well as double vinyl in three different colours. The band plays really cool progressive spacey but very tightly composed instrumental rock music. The opening track called the Infinite Improbability Drive is split in to 3 parts. The opening sections start off like some progressive metal but this does not last long before the track glides down into a more spacey realm with cool space sounds and nice beautiful guitar playing. The track floats along like this and then raises up with some intensity after a while.
Part two starts with some intense stop start sections and synth sounds before the direction the track will follow unfolds as the wah guitar leads the way. A lot of time changes occur keeping the 9min track very interesting. It ends very psychedelic like old Hawkwind before heading into part 3, which starts off really mellow with a nice psychedelic tapestry laid underneath with some glissando like guitar. Lovely bass playing and a nice repeated guitar riff let you slowly glide away. Again, many themes are visited before the bass takes the lead the guitar really takes off with some wild intense guitar. Lovely 32min piece. Wow..  Sussurri is another 2 part song that lasts 11½ mins with some nice synth sounds as the other instruments glide into the mix. Like Jerry also says this one reminds me of RUSH (the old stuff!) and I like the guitar solo despite it being quite short. Volcano X13 is the last track and also the longest at 14½ mins. This track is much like the other but has one of the best guitar solos of the album. I wish they were a bit longer but lots of variety and just an amazing vibe on this record. I would recommend reading my friend Jerry’s review of this album as well as I more of less have the same view as he does. Great stuff…

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  1. cool...salutes from argentina scott! can i send you data about my band and new album?