Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lamp of the Universe/Trip Hill (Clostriduim Records)

Clostridium is one of my favourite of the small underground labels in Germany, along with Kraut Minded. This split LP and also CD (only 500 copies all numbered) is all new material from both artists. Lamp of the Universe (Craig Williamson) has an album long side trip called Domain of the Budha, which is an amazing sound journey and will take you back to his earlier material. What a psychedelic potpourri of sounds! Amazing..  The next side see the return of the Italian multi-instrumentalist called Trip Hill. This side is split in 6 tracks with a short intro and outro and 4 tracks. The first real track is called Bright Spring. A really stoned spacey track with a dreamy voice, spacey synth sounds and a great guitar solo. Raining Metallic Mushroom starts off with some strange keyboards with a lot of delay on them before the guitar comes in. This is a slow track with but also some great guitar and a bit of mysterious eastern feel to it. I need Someone has a really cool groove and reminds me of Vibravoid for some reason. Cool stuff…Nice wah guitar by Fabrizzio (he plays all the instruments)… Driving over the Rainbow is the last real track and is short 3½min acoustic guitar track but really nice. Trip Hill is still making cool music which is great.  Great split and cool artwork…

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