Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gov’t Mule- The Dark side of the Mule (Provogue PRD 7446 5)

IT has been a long while since I reviewed one of my favourite bands from the USA, Gov’t Mule. This is a very impressive package with 3CDs and a DVD of the entire concert as well. This show was recorded on Halloween in Boston and it was only the 2nd show with new bass player, Jörgen Carlsson. Basically, this was the first time he had ever played any of these songs live and he does a great job. The band really play a great first set with some standards from the latest record like Brighter Days, Brand new Angel, and Child of the Earth. St of the rest of the set is really jammed out stuff with a long jam in Game Face, Trane-Eternity’s Breath- St. Stephen Jam and then ending the first set with the great instrumental, Kind of Bird!  The next disc is what Warren states some of the bands favourite Pink Floyd tunes. They actually managed to get two female singers who actually toured with Pink Floyd and brought in a laser light show and Ron Hollaway on saxophone.  So what do they play, it all focuses on 70s Pink Floyd from Meddle to the Wall, including the full Shine on you Crazy Diamond, One of these Days, a bit of Dark Side of the moon, and Comfortably Numb. The encores include Million miles from yesterday and a long jammed out Blind Man in the Dark. Amazing show..

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