Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Les Lekin- All Black Moon Rainbow (Ozium Records)

Les Lekin are a new band from Austria playing mostly improvised and instrumental stoner doom rock with a lot of really cool guitar playing. After a short intro piece the CD kicks in heavy with Solum, a long piece that sets the feel for the entire CD.. heavy doomy rock music with a lot of intense guitar playing. Peter is mostly just riffing and using some effects on this track but he really let’s loose with some killer solos later on. Useless starts with just guitar and sets a mood quite different from the opening track but the heavy bass is still filling the space as they search for that moment to take it to another level and man, he plays a great guitar solo as Useless merges into Allblack. The riff that starts this one I have heard before and reminds me of Monkey 3.  This one builds up in layers before peter kicks into a intense wah guitar solo. This track is one of the highlights of the CD. Loom starts with some intense guitar that sounds massive at loud volume! The track is a slow stoney one with nice space blues like solo that leads into the more doomy section and then slow spacey blues. Nice stuff. Release is the final track and reminds me a bit of Colour Haze. Great record guys…

Fans of Wight, Samsara blues Experiment, Wo Fat, Monkey 3, My Sleeping Karma… will dig this band.

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