Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Atomikylä- Erkale (Future Lunch FULU-006)

This is a totally new band from Finland that plays some very intense dark psychedelic music! Fans of Mr Peter Hayden, Dark Buddha Rising, and Domovoyd will for sure dig this stuff. Wow..  The CD features 5 tracks over about 40mins. Alkuaineet starts things off with a very intense track with some wild vocals, doomy vibe and just a wall of sound. The vocals are very evil. The title track Erkale begins with some spacey guitar over the steady bass and drum beat as it gets more and more mysterious and for a very short period there is a spoken word vocal. The track gets more and more intense as the emotion just builds and builds to a psychedelic ending. Wow.. Ihmiskallo start off like a triumphant battle has just been won and the victors are coming home! The vocals are very intense but some organ really changes the mood and feel as the heavy doom takes a bit of a backseat for a bit. Who goes there, is a psychedelic jazz track and quite trippy. Musla Kulta ends this really cool CD in a slow spaced out way but then the singer breaks up the bliss to take you back down under the earth to the secret torture chamber on a speeding rollercoaster with blood dripping from the sides………………….

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