Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Horisont- Break the Limit 7” (Rise Above Records)

The Swedish hard rock band Horisont are back with two new tracks, the title track, which will appear on their next studio album. this is the first release with Tom (ex-Church of Misery) on guitar. He has been playing on and off with the band for the last year or so but is now a full time member.  Break the Limit starts things off and reminds me of Thin Lizzy. I don’t know exactly what it is about the track that makes it like Thin Lizzy. The Chorus is very 80s metal like. The dual guitars work really well and they play these intense harmonies. But it still has that real Horisont sound also. Yellow Blues starts off with a synthesizer loop and then the band kicks in, very retro in feel and sound. The riffs are all early 80s metal style though. The dual trading solos is really cool before they end this very cool song. Very impressive. I cant wait to hear the new full length! Great work guys…

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