Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top Records of 2014

3rd ear Experience- Incredible Good Fortune (Space Rock Productions)

3rd Ear is an amazing band from the desert in California playing very heart felt and intense Space Rock music. This record really blew me away when I got it at the Burg Herzberg from Andi, courtesy of the band. A very special ritual was performed with a red carpet as well and this really touched me but this is about the music and the 4 amazing pieces that make up this CD and double vinyl release. Fans of ØSC, Hidria Spacefolk, Mantric Muse, Ozric tentacles, etc.. will dig this band..
2.    Black Moon Circle- Andromeda (Crispin’ Glover Records)

         This record is just amazing and these songs have really captivated me. BMC have a unique sound that is really special to them. The way the songs work, the special vocals with amazingly cool lyrics and those guitar riffs and solos combed with killer bass and drums for long excursions. You just have to hear it…. If you like the old band Gas Giant and really jammed out psychedelic stoner space rock, this is the band…

After this there are a just a lot of great records and I can’t really order them after these.. all great..

3.    Ethiva- Ethiva (Clostridium records)  Fantastic Pink Floyd inspired Spanish band.
4.    Marblewood- Marblewood  Two members from Ginger (Switzerland) and an amazing really jammed out classic rock band..
5.    Papir- IIII (El Paraiso records)  What can I say….. Their instrumental prowess is awesome and I just get hooked and addicted…
6.    Organic is Orgasmic- As we Speak of Space and Wisdom…. Amazing spacey instrumental music by Kallie from the Grand Astoria..
7.    Agusa- Agusa (Kommun2)   Swedish folk melodies blended into 1972 Canterbury scene..
8.    Bong- Stoner Rock (Ritual Productions) when you just need to drone out to stoned oblivion….
9.    Fuzz Manta- Stonewolf (Bilocation records)  The best album from Denmark in 2014. No more needs to be said.
10. Wo Fat- The Conjuring (Small Stone Records)…. Wow… this band just kills it once again with amazing band interplay and killer guitar….
11. The Gravitors- Motherload ….. a band I think are overlooked when I look on the internet. Fucking killer record….
12. Seun Kuti and Egypt 80- A long way to the Beginning (Afrobeat, very political)
13. The Spacious Mind- Greasy Green and the Stoney Lonesomes (Kommun2)
14. Mos Generator- Electric Nomads (more raw, jammy and awesome songs)
15. John Garcia- John Garcia
16. Siena Root- Pioneers (a move into Deep Purple territory)
17. Brant Bjork- Black Power Flower
18. Causa Sui- Pewt’r Sessions III (El Paraiso Records)
19. Øresund Space Collective- Music for Pogonologists (Space Rock Productions)
20. Pink Floyd- The Endless River

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