Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bland Bladen- Vederkvegelse (Kommun2)

Bland Bladen were an all instrumental psychedelic space rock band from Malmö that existed from about 2002 until 2010. The four piece band were an integral part of the Øresund Space Collective and all of the members except the drummer still perform on and off with ØSC. This limited LP features fantastic artwork and a nice insert with a long history about the band and other info related to this LP. Anyway, the side A is the last two songs the band recorded in the studio not too long before they officially split up. It was recorded mostly live plus a few overdubs here and there. The opening track, Daggväta, starts off quite fast with a great guitar solo by Sebastian as the band kicks into full blast psychedelic space rock mode with a nice groovy bass line. Ola later comes in with the Fender Rhodes that was so characteristic of their sound on the first record. Fantastic solos by both Sebastian and Ola on this track. Haskaren is next and brings the intensity down a little bit but the groovy is really cool with Luz, a Brazilian friend joining in on some congas and additional percussion. Lovely guitar and keyboard melodies on this track. The side B is actually tracks taken from the Malmö local jam project that was headed by the amazing visual artist called Insezt, who also did the album artwork. This was a project he organized that often included some of the guys from BB plus other local guests. These tracks are shorter and more chilled but also very cool. It starts off with Visa för Allmännyttan. The drumming is more laid back and Ola really takes the lead with some nice Fender Rhodes playing and not that much synths on this track until the end which is really cool and nice layers of stuff are going on as the track really gains intensity and the synth sound really goes into your head as it is mixed really loud. Sine-us is a short track and the bass line and piano make me feel like Jim Morrison will jump out and sing soon until the guitar kicks in… The last track is called Beyond the Deepest Deep. I really like this slow spacey track with some cool wah guitar and lots of spacey synths. Great way to end the record. This is most likely the last stuff ever by this cool band, so for sure get this one! 500 copies on three different colours of vinyl and no digital version…

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