Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cranium Pie- Mechanisms Part 2 (Fruits der Mer Records)

The UK based band, Cranium Pie are back with a new double vinyl record on the amazing Fruits der Mer label. This time around the band cranks out 4 album side long tracks, none with song titles. The track glides along with a nice spacey Fender Rhodes piano that you follow along the drum machine and a disturbing guitar that pops in at specific intervals and then about 3½ mins the whole things turns violet as the vocals return and you go back to the main theme. This fades out and a new section returns with a distorted organ like on Brainticket as a new track beginnings. The organ and keyboard remain the main focus for some time. The third movement or track on side A has a repeated synth loop and more programmed like drums and lots of weirdness until the guitar and voice kicks in. Now we are at 14 mins and there has been very little guitar before this point but now he wants to play a bit! Track 2 is once again a collage of 3-4 different tracks-ideas that have a different pull. This one is a bit more jazzy and has more guitar as well but also a lot of far our movements and pieces. The organ dominates at the end as the spoken word samples returns. Track 3 starts off with a really funky guitar and groove but sadly it fades away into strangeness all too fast as you feel as if something terrible is going to happen next……….. disco?..No… just some samples, circus music and then…. Anyway, this record has surprises around every corner and is a very cool and interesting listen. I enjoyed it a lot the three times I have heard it now… If you dig the first Brainticket and Polytoxicmane Philharmonie, and Soft Machine all mixed together you will dig this.

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