Sunday, January 18, 2015

Freak Valley Festival 2014 DVD (Rock Freaks- Heavy Media)

This double DVD just came out to document the very cool festival called Freak Valley that celebrates modern 70s inspired, psychedelic and stoner rock… This is a double DVD and a very cool documentary on the festival. Anyone that was there will recall great memories of the place, the people and bands as they walk around and film all over and talk to a number of fans (mostly in German with no subtitles but some people from other countries as well). The video footage has in general been quite well edited and not just set on change camera every 5 seconds so when there is a longer guitar solo, you might be a lot of it filmed and not focusing on the drummer or something.. They paid attention.. I thought all the bands would be represented but there are a number that did not make the DVD such as Samsara Blues Experiment and Sir Admiral Cloudsley Shovell. I was happy to see a number of bands from the first day that I missed like Lone Crows, The Midnight Ghost Train, Ivy garden of the Desert and Radio Moscow… Most bands have one complete song but a few are missing a complete track like the Elder track is cut short and Øresund Space Collective (our jam was like 20mins..) Nice to see the headline bands agreeing like Blues Pills and radio Moscow, although Kadavar is missing. Anyway, this is an awesome DVD and highly recommended.. The Documentary has English subtitles which is great..  Fantastic work guys and gals…

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