Sunday, May 18, 2014

Void Generator- Supersound (Phonosphera Records ph06)

The Italian four piece stoner rock band, Void Generator is back with their 5th release. The CD features 7 tracks ranging from 3½ to 9½ mins. I think I have reviewed all of the bands releases and this one has a different sound production and feel compared to any of their other records. This one starts off with the 8min track Behind the Door, it features a heavy distorted guitar line and a spoken word like vocal for the first part. This track really gets great when the guitar break kicks in around 5 mins for an extended guitar solo in the far right channel while the band just keeps the cool groove flowing.. Awesome track. Synapsex is a more organ based track again with a heavy fuzzed out guitar in the left and the organ mainly in the right. No solos on this one. Master of the Skies is a mid-paced slightly doomy 9½ min track. The vocals remind me of someone, Chris Goss and Master of Reality, that is who. A slow simple groove for most of the track, around 5½ mins Gianmarco goes for a slow solo, with a Colour Haze like flavour to it, style wise. It has a long slow fade out. What are you Doin’ features bass player Sonia on acoustic guitar (according to the sleeve but it is hard to hear where?) and starts off with keyboards before the main guitar riff kicks in and a totally different style of singing is presented on this track. The organ is like in 60s horror film which gives this track a totally different feel. Hidden Orbit makes the return of the heavy distorted guitar. Universal Winter features acoustic guitar and is a really beautiful track to fill the space between the heavy numbers. Global Cluster ends this album. I really like this one as it is quite stoned and has the same vibe as the opening track and a nice long guitar solo section but they cut it off very abruptly just as I was totally into it. This is quite a different record from where the roots of this band started. Glad to see them progressing and not just doing the same thing.

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